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Definition of momentum (n)
mo·men·tum [ mō méntəm ]   1. capacity for progressive development: the power to increase or develop at an ever-growing pace.

No matter what type of program you are looking for, yours will be custom designed based on your goals, current activity level, likes and dislikes, time available, equipment available, and of course any medical concerns.

Personal TrainingNot only will I give you a great workout and all the information you need to help you reach your goals, I will also do my best to motivate you, inspire you, provide accountability, and help you set realistic goals.

My dad says “Always play sports with people who are better than you, because this will make you better!”  This is why it is so beneficial to have a trainer.  Most of us (me too) are either afraid or too lazy to realize our full potential. It takes someone to push you out of your comfort zone to achieve great results.  Whether you want to get stronger or lose weight or gain endurance; a well rounded program, a push, a cheerleader, some accountability, knowledge and the confidence that you are safe in your journey, will ensure you reach your goals.

If you are dedicated to reaching your goals then make sure your efforts are in the right direction, by hiring a professional. Check out my testimonials!

Journey to Optimal Health – Helpful articles, recipes, and exercises tips for you on your own personal Journey. Visit my blog.

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