Meltdown Challenge

Meltdown Waistline

Do you feel like you need a jump start to your weightless goals?

Lose any amount off your waistline and get entered into a drawing for prizes worth over $300

Are you ready to lose fat, tone up, and get that jump start that you need?

Losing weight, getting in great shape – getting the strong, active, and a fit body you want at any age – is not nearly as difficult as you may think, when you have the right kind of help.

I have helped so many others now it’s your turn

Are you looking for a program that will jump start your fat loss?  A program that will do a ton of planning and work for you?  The Meltdown Challenge will give you all the tools that you need to get started losing fat and building that healthy momentum!  In three weeks I guarantee that  if you follow the plan you will decrease your waistline!

Don’t make another excuse to put this off.  You know your health is important and I want to help you get fit, strong, lean, and healthy starting today!

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 Anna Wadhams Anna Wadhams “Now I’m over 80 pounds lighter, and I feel fantastic, not just physically, but in mind and spirit as well. I know that this wouldn’t have happened had Sarah not been there to cheer me on along the way…”  Anna W.

Sue Foster Rocking 129lbs

“Sarah really helped me change when I ate certain foods so that I could more efficiently lose the weight I wanted to lose.  She also helped me develop meal plans that fit my likes and most importantly my scheduling constraints! She had great little tips so I never felt deprived…” Sue F.

Spring Meltdown Challenge

Take the Meltdown Challenge!

Get all the help you need to Lose Fat and decrease your waistline


Decrease the size of your waist by April 11th and you’ll be entered in a drawing for Awesome Prizes! 

Open to members and non-members!

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Lose any amount off your waistline and get entered into the drawing for awesome prizes!

Set your goals
Get Measured in
Follow the plan using all the bonus tools provided
Decrease your waistline!

The Prizes!

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Act now and you’ll get over $500 worth of bonus tools:

  • Initial Goal Setting Session (Worth $75)
  • Initial and Final Measurements (Worth $30)
  • 4 weeks worth of meal plans (Worth $80)
  • 10 Rules for Lean Eating handout (Worth $30)
  • Easy Meals Momentum Cookbook (Worth $50)
  • 5 days of Calorie torching cardio & muscle toning strength workouts. (Worth $100)
  • Weekly check-ins through email
  • 1 month of free classes (for new non-members only) (Worth $165)

These bonuses are valued at over $500!

The Rules:  You must be measured on or before March 12th and then again by April 11th!  Everyone who decreases the size of their waistline will be entered into the drawing for the prizes! 

  • Current members may do the goal setting but have probably already done this.  Current members do not get one month of free classes.

Space is limited to 20 people so click the button below and sign up today!

 You can start to see you body change!  Sign up for the Meltdown Challenge Now before you make another excuse!

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$75  for Non-Members.

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